Tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) 5ml, 10ml

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This essential oil is notable for its potent anti-infectious action, it has a strong medicinal smell, a bit similar to the smell of eucalyptus. It affects three types of pathogenic microorganisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses, while significantly supporting the immune system. It is very suitable for treating people vulnerable to different infections or those who are slow to recover. This oil is used for colds, flu, cough and paediatric infections. It can be used for baths at the first signs of a cold or flu, as the oil promotes perspiration, usually such baths prevent the development of flu or protect against its complications. (For taking a bath, dilute the essential oil with a small amount of vegetable oil, milk or milk powder, mix the water well and close the bathroom door to prevent the aroma from dispersing. Do not take a bath if you have a fever). It can also be used in saunas (2-3 drops in a glass of warm water).

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Tea tree essential oil disinfects and cleans the room air. It helps those who are constantly under stress, reduces irritability, fatigue and asthenia, helps to focus and improves brain activity.

When the first signs of herpes or chickenpox redness appear on the skin, they can be effectively treated with the tea tree oil (the oil can be diluted with vodka). To get rid of warts, apply a drop of pure essential oil to their centre daily and cover with an adhesive plaster (make sure to continue treatment for a longer period of time, though you will see the first results within a few weeks).

For acne treatment the essential oil can be added to skin cleansers or creams. This is an effective remedy for eliminating inflamed areas and the spots appearing around the nose or on the cheeks before menstruation. A droplet of oil applied on a spot calms the heat and eliminates the spot.   

This is also an efficient cure for dandruff – add 1 or 2 drops to a shampoo (for a single use) when washing your hair.

Suitable for children from 6 months.

Data sheet

Used for
Treating a sore throat
Used for
Used for
Decontaminating the air
Used for
6-12 months old babies
Used for
Used for
Treating cough
Used for
Treatment of colds
Used for
Treatment of skin conditions
Used for
Reducing fever
Used for
1-2 years old toddlers

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