1. What is the working principle of the ultrasonic diffuser? Is it safe?

Ultrasonic evaporator converts water and oil droplets into a fresh, fragrant mist (mist is cold) that scents and minimally moisturize premises. This method of evaporating essential oils is the best because directly heated essential oils would decay and lose their properties.

2. How to use an evaporator with essential oils?

Add water to the water tank of the evaporator and add a few drops of essential oil to the water. We recommend using 3-5 drops. Whenever essential oils evaporate, the "less is more" rule always applies. You can also evaporate without essential oils.

3. Do I need to clean the diffuser?

We recommend to change the water each time and clean the water tank so that the evaporator will last longer.

 4. Does the evaporator ionize air?

The ultrasonic evaporator has no ionization function, but the evaporation of essential oils naturally ionizes the air.

5. Is it safe to leave the evaporator on at night?

All models of Aroma Air ultrasonic evaporators have an automatic shut-off function and switch off automatically when there is not enough water in the water tank, so it is safe to leave evaporators on at night.

6. For what size of the room is a suitable diffuser? How much ml is evaporated per hour?

All 300 ml AromaAir evaporators are designed for rooms up to 40m2, diffuser evaporates 30ml/h.

100 ml diffusers are suitable for rooms up to 20m2.

1600ml diffuser is suitable for rooms 50-60m2. In smaller rooms can serve as a humidifier. This evaporator evaporates 50ml/h; 100ml/h or 150m/h.

7. Can I use tap water for evaporation?

If water is not limed, you can use tap water. Otherwise, limed water can quickly overload the ultrasonic plate and cause the evaporator to fail. If water is limed, distilled or boiled water is recommended.

8. Is it moist around diffuser during evaporation?

Evaporated water mist rises upwards and is finely dispersed in the air, so the humidity around the evaporator may be very minimal or non-existent.

9. The high humidity level is at home. Would diffuser not rise humidity level more?

Ultrasonic diffusers are designed to evaporate essential oils, so larger rooms are only minimally humidified. Using a diffuser in a small room ~ 10-15m2, it can serve as a humidifier.


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