Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis) 5 ml

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An essential oil with a characteristic, pleasantly sharp and penetrating odour. It possesses stimulating properties; its smell and effect are warm and edgy. Rosemary essential oil is an excellent stimulator of the brain activity and is noted for its performance-enhancing effect on the central nervous system. Upon inhaling a few drops of this oil, you can feel a special clarity of mind, which is definitely helpful for people engaged in activities involving intense thinking. It increases focus, improves memory, helps concentrate and boosts performance in the workplace.

The penetrative quality of rosemary oil makes it effective in treatment of respiratory diseases, ranging from runny nose, catarrh and sinusitis to asthma. Steam inhalations are best for this purpose.

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This essential oil is perfect for toning the heart, liver and gall bladder. The oil also lowers the blood cholesterol level. It could be described as the best friend of a fifty-year-old director, though rosemary oil alone cannot do much – attention needs to be paid to a person’s diet and lifestyle.

It is very helpful for treatment of tired and stiff muscles. (Use for massages diluted with a base oil or for baths. For taking a bath, dilute the essential oil with a small amount of vegetable oil, milk or milk powder, mix the water well and close the bathroom door to prevent the aroma from dispersing. Use no more than 3 drops. Do not take a bath if you have a fever).

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Used for
Used for
Treating a sore throat
Used for
Increasing focus
Used for
Relieving muscle pain
Used for
Decontaminating the air
Used for
Treatment of cough

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