Thyme essential oil (Thymus Vulgaris Linalool) 5 ml

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Thyme linalool is the mildest type of thyme, suitable even for young children and persons with sensitive airways. Traditionally, the thyme oil is used to treat colds, cough and sore throat. Thyme perfectly disinfects the lungs, treats respiratory infections and reinforces the body’s self-healing functions. It possesses antibacterial, antiviral, anti-infectious and fungicidal properties. This oil is ideal for tired and depressed people. Thyme revitalizes and strengthens both the body and mind.

The oil is suitable for sauna (it can be mixed with eucalyptus essential oil). It stimulates the brain and improves memory. The thyme oil will perk you up when you wish to stay alert and will help you fall asleep when you need it. It can be steamed in a diffuser in combination with eucalyptus radiata or lemon essential oils. For taking a bath, dilute the essential oil with a small amount of vegetable oil, milk or milk powder, mix the water well and close the bathroom door to prevent the aroma from dispersing. A bath is not recommended if you have a fever.

Suitable for children from 6 months. Should not be used during pregnancy.


Data sheet

Used for
Boosting the mood
Used for
6-12 months old babies
Used for
1-2 years old toddlers
Used for
Calming down/regaining the balance of mind
Used for
Used for
Treating a sore throat
Used for
Treating cough
Used for
Increasing focus
Used for

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