Lavender hydrolate (Lavandula Angustifolia ) 100ml

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An organic hydrolate obtained by distilling fresh lavender

This hydrolate is good for cleansing, refreshing and balancing oily and normal facial skin. It helps to soothe sunburnt skin, reduces skin inflammations and relieves itching after insect bites. It is also suitable for massaging tired legs and arms. It eases stress and is suitable for moisturizing the skin suffering from dry air.

For children it can be used as a compress on sunburned skin (soak a compress tissue in hydrolate, squeeze out excess moisture and gently apply on the affected area, replace compresses until the skin cools down). Another use of the hydrolate is a relief for teething discomfort (a compress is placed on a baby’s jaw). It is also good for spraying scratches and abrasions, reduces itching.

Suitable for babies, children and pregnant women.

ARMINA hydrolates are not by-products of the essential oil production process. These hydrolates are distilled directly from fresh petals, plant leaves and plant flowers. Due to the high quality of the floral water the hydrolate has a long shelf life. Hydrolates can be sprayed in rooms, used for scenting bed linen, for compresses, for spraying on the face, neck or hair. The smell of hydrolates often differs from the smell of essential oils, though all of them smell amazing! Hydrolates should be stored in a cool place.

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