PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL (Mentha piperita) 10 ml

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With a fresh minty aroma, the peppermint is the most common as a cure for indigestion. It works well on the liver, the stomach, and intestines. Due to its antispasmodic properties, this oil helps those suffering from diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting and stomach aches. The peppermint oil, especially in combination with lavender, helps with colds and the flu. Warming and stimulating properties of this oil are particularly valuable when it used at the onset of a cold, to overcome the trembling and unwellness that often precedes sneezing, runny nose and fever. Due to its pleasant smell the oil is suitable for use in sauna (2-3 drops in a glass of warm water). Cold compresses of the peppermint oil or the peppermint and the lavender oils applied to the forehead relieve headaches and some migraines (it is most effective to use a compress as soon as you feel the first pain). The oil stimulates the brain activity and promotes clear thinking, making you feel alert, smart and ready to think. It can serve as an insect repellent as it repels flies and mosquitoes. The peppermint oil can also be used with other oils: lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary or lemon. Avoid using the peppermint oil in the evening as it prevents you from falling asleep. Do not use the oil in combination with homeopathic remedies.



100 % pure essential oil

Origin country – India


We recommend to use in essential oil diffuser (4-6 drops of essential oil in water 300ml). It can also be used for other aromatization of premises - washing the floor (adding a few drops to water), dripping on napkins, breathing business cards, notebooks and so on.


Warning -

Do not use it for cooking, do not apply it to the skin or in bath, do not drink

Keep it out of the reach and sight of children

Use with moderation and caution to people with allergies, epilepsy or asthma and pregnant women

Shelf life - 1 year after opening

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